Bird Jump

Bird Jump 1.3

Mode based vertical arcade game


  • Fun gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Different modes add varied gameplay


  • Basic controls have not changed

Very good

Bird Jump is similar to Doodle Jump and Mega Jump in gameplay. The basic gameplay requires users to climb vertically. Unlike other games, Bird Jump offers different modes that have different goals.

  • Homeing is an adjective based game where you have to climb a specific height to get the small bird back home.
    Adventure is a height based challenge mode. Bird Jump gives you a height you have to reach and other mission objectives to complete.
    Higher is the standard endless mode.
  • The different gameplay modes in Bird Jump make the game a lot more interesting to play.

    Graphics in Bird Jump take a lot of influences from other cartoon styled games. The visuals are very cartoony, and the animations follow the same trend. It is a fun game to look at and the framerates remain smooth.

    Like Doodle Jump, Bird Jump uses tilt controls to control the direction that the bird jumps in. Depending on the hardware, you may have different experiences. With a Galaxy Nexus, the tilt controls worked without any issues.

    Bird Jump uses the same basic gameplay of other vertical arcade games, but the addition of different modes makes the game a lot more fun.

    Bird Jump


    Bird Jump 1.3

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